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Here’s the deal guys, I am dead broke and I live in an expensive capital city. Been searching for a job (all over town) all year with no luck. That means I can hardly go out at all. It sucks and I like meeting people at places. 

I am striving to be a professional artist. I figure now’s as good a time as any to start selling my works.

You can buy an original finished image, or commission a new piece.

I can do an elaborate figure+background like this for $70


a simple figure like these for $30



An Additional figure in the picture is $15.

I’ll do portraits like this for $20


At the moment I can’t do much digital work, so TRADITIONAL ONLY. I will mail you the original and there’ll be no riffraff about files and sharing and such. I’ve got charcoal, acrylics, pencil and marker. I work no larger than A3 and no smaller than A5.

If you want a new work, please:

-Tell me what you want me to draw. (Who is in the picture? Are they in a specific place? What motifs and inspirations do you want included? Are they wearing a pink beaver on their head? etc.)

-Do you care what media I use? (I usually prefer mechanical pencil and marker.)

-Send any reference you can. It’ll make my job easier, and you more pleased by the end product.

If you want something I drew earlier:

-Just tell me which. Lol. I’ll do the pricing and if you want to haggle I’d prefer not to, but I am reasonable and will listen.

e-mail: danitiwa@hotmail.com

You may also contact me through my askbox.

I take only paypal payment, in advance.


To be honest I’ve only met a few of them, most I’ve only heard about. One of them actually was fairly rude, resulted in me having a bloody nose- didnt even know could have those! Soccer is a nasty sport to add. 

Knives too, very nasty things, very sharp.

Really, most of these handsome mates Ive seen around and about, some only seen once, but there are a couple that I’ve gotten closer with. Possibly even on the friend level, who knows!

Hahaha, maybe someday I’ll get to know some of these other fellas later, would really love to. It feels like they just get more and more distant though, some more than others. Fairly strange if you ask me. 

It was a bit easier keeping track of my original self- you know, as a core.

(high res versions and links to the owners of they wheatleys here: http://sta.sh/21qy88xmt89d?edit=1 , also in tags- pardon the mess of the set up, thank u tumblr)


Portal 2: Plot Synopsis


the best characters are ones that act cool or charismatic but are actually fucking losers


Experimental subject by ~Conistance


GLaDOS’ retirement party for Aperture scientists

when did i make this like 2011
when did portal 2 come out anyway
what century is it
who am i
what is knowledge

when did i make this like 2011

when did portal 2 come out anyway

what century is it

who am i

what is knowledge